M.Sc. Christina V. Schmitter

Christina Schmitter (schmitterc@staff.uni-marburg.de)

I completed my Master´s degrees in Psychology and in Cognitive and Integrative Systems Neuroscience at the University of Marburg. Since May 2020, I am a PhD student in the PACT project (DFG project STR1146/9-2) and an associated member of the International Research Training Group, IRTG 1901 “The Brain in Action”. Since 2021, Im part of “The adaptive mind” cluster project, supporting the key areas “Action” and “Disorder“.

Here, I will investigate the neural correlates of sensory action-outcome predictions in patients with schizophrenia using fMRI and tDCS. The main research focus lies on the ability to update these predictions upon repeated prediction errors and thereby aims at obtaining a better understanding of adaptive and maladaptive mechanisms in schizophrenia and potential improvements by tDCS stimulation.


Schmitter, C., Steinsträter, O., Kircher, T., van Kemenade, B.M.*, Straube, B.* (2021). Commonalities and differences in predictive neural processing of discrete vs continuous action feedback. NeuroImage, Volume 229, 1 April 2021, 117745;  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.neuroimage.2021.117745 *contributed equally