Dr. Johannes Krautheim

Mail: johannes.krautheim(at)vitos-giessen-marburg.de

I am a physician and OÄ at the Vitos Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie Gießen. I finished my residency training program at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Philipps-University Marburg. I was associated to the GUI project. I studied medicine at the Charité University Medicine Berlin. In my medical dissertation I investigated criteria for the decision for hospital admission in a psychiatric emergency situation. My personal interests are psychotherapy of personality disorders and the investigation of emotion perception and its modulating factors.


Krautheim, J.T., Straube, B., Dannlowski, U., Pyka, M., Schneider-Hassloff, H., Drexler, R., Krug, A., Sommer, J., Rietschel, M., Witt, S.H., Kircher, T., 2018. Outgroup emotion processing in the vACC is modulated by childhood trauma and CACNA1C risk variant. Soc. Cogn. Affect. Neurosci. nsy004-nsy004.

Krautheim, J.T., Steines, M., Dannlowski, U., Neziroğlu, G., Acosta, H., Sommer, J., Straube, B.* & Kircher, T.* (2020). Emotion specific neural activation for the production and perception of facial expressions. Cortex accepted. *contributed equally

Krautheim, J., Dannlowski, U., Steines, M., Neziroğlu, G., Acosta, H., Sommer, J., Straube, B.*, & Kircher, T.* (accepted). Intergroup empathy: enhanced neural resonance for ingroup facial emotion in a shared neural production-perception network. NeuroImage. IF: 5.429 * contributed equally