Dr. Mareike Pazen, M.Sc. in Psychology

Mail: pazen ~at staff.uni-marburg.de

I was a research scientist in the DFG-projects PACT and PACT-SZ supported by the IRTG 1901 ‘The Brain in Action’ and won my PhD at 2019. In July 2016, I graduated with a Master’s degree in Psychological Intervention at the University of Luxembourg. In my dissertation, I am investigating the neural correlates of action perception in patients with schizophrenia during the use of tools.


Pazen, M., Uhlmann, L., van Kemenade, B.M., Steinsträter, O., Straube, B. & Kircher, T. (accepted). Predictive perception of self-generated movements: Commonalities and differences in the neural processing of tool and hand actions. NeuroImage IF: 5.426

Uhlmann, L., Pazen, M., van Kemenade, B., Steisträter, O., Harris, L.R., Kircher, T. & Straube, B. (accepted). Seeing your own or someone else’s hand moving in accordance with your action: The neural interaction of agency and hand identity. Human Brain Mapping IF: 4.554