Dr. Yifei He

Mail: Yifei.He ~at med.uni-marburg.de

Homepage: https://www.yifeihe.com/

I work in the EEG-CON project which investigates the neural integration of gesture and speech using simultaneous EEG and fMRI. Before moving to Marburg, I received my dual Masters degree ‘European Master of Clinical Linguistics’ (EMCL) from Bicocca-Milano (IT), Groningen (NL), and Potsdam (DE). In October 2016, I received my PhD in linguistics from Mainz University (DE) with Matthias Schlesewsky.

Currently, my research focuses on the comprehension of speech and gesture in both healthy and clinical populations. Additionally, I am also interested in sentence processing as well as the neurobiological basis of language comprehension.


PI of a DFG project about Multi-stage integration during co-speech gesture comprehension: a systematic investigation combining EEG and fMRI


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