M.A. Lydia Riedl

Mail: riedll ~at staff.uni-marburg.de

I am a PhD student working in the G+ Project (Gesture training in schizophrenia). I studied at the universities of Zurich and Marburg. In 2013 I completed my B.A. in Language and Communication, my M.A. in Clinical Linguistics followed in 2016 with a thesis enquiring the neural processing of similes in language and gesture in patients with schizophrenia. Now I work as a speech therapist and researcher.

My research focuses on language and gesture processing in schizophrenia and depression. I am particularly interested in the phenomenon of concretism – the dysfunction of interpreting metaphors in an abstract way. By investigating how the processing of metaphors can be influenced by an intervention program, I try to get a more comprehensive understanding of communication dysfunctions in psychiatric disorders. I appreciate this interdisciplinary work and looking forward to advance my qualification in therapeutic and scientific methods.


Riedl, L., Nagels, A., Sammer, G., & Straube, B. (2020). A multimodal speech-gesture training intervention for patients with schizophrenia and its neural underpinnings – the study protocol of a randomized controlled pilot trial. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 11, 110. https://doi.org/10.3389/FPSYT.2020.00110