Dr.rer.med Paulina Cuevas


Mail: cuevas ~at staff.uni-marburg.de

I was doctoral candidate of the International Research Training Group (IRTG) No. 1901 “The brain in action”. In Mai 2018 I obtained my master’s degree in general linguistics at the University of Mainz. My master’s thesis focused on the neural correlates of the idea density. For my PhD I investigated the effect of gestures on language processing depending on the semantic complexity of the speech.

My main research interests are linguistic complexity and its relation to mental disorders and cognitive decline, the integration and effect of co-speech gestures, language acquisition and ethnolinguistics.


Cuevas, P., Steines, M., He, Y., Nagels, A., Culham, J. & Straube, B. (2019). The facilitative effect of gestures on the neural processing of semantic complexity in a continuous narrative. NeuroImage, 195, 15(2019), 38-47. IF=5.246