M.Sc. Adrian Wroblewski

Mail: adrian.wroblewski ~at med.uni-marburg.de

In August 2016 I finished my Master of Science in Cognitive and Integrative Systems Neuroscience at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy in Marburg. In my thesis I worked in the project PROTECT-AD and analyzed the connectivity between the neural correlates during fear extinction. In my PhD I am focusing on simultaneous EEG-fMRI investigations targeting the neural correlates of fear conditioning, fear extinction and extinction recall in highly anxious people and patients with anxiety disorders. Furthermore, I am interested in effective connectivity analyses regarding audiovisual integration of gestures and language in patients with schizophrenia.



Straube, B., Wroblewski, A., Jansen, A., He, Y., 2018. The connectivity signature of co-speech gesture integration: The superior temporal sulcus modulates connectivity between areas related to visual gesture and auditory speech processing. Neuroimage 181, 539–549. doi:10.1016/J.NEUROIMAGE.2018.07.037