M.Sc. Gizem Neziroğlu

Mail: gizem.neziroglu ~at med.uni-marburg.de

I received my Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Hacettepe University in 2007 and obtained a Master’s degree in clinical psychology from the same university in 2010. I then worked as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in Turkey, after which I started with my PhD in Marburg.

Currently, I am a doctoral candidate working in the GUI project, which investigates neural processes of social interaction in subjects with genetic and environmental risk factors for schizophrenia.


Krautheim, J., Dannlowski, U., Steines, M., Neziroğlu, G., Acosta, H., Sommer, J., Straube, B.*, & Kircher, T.* (2019). Intergroup empathy: enhanced neural resonance for ingroup facial emotion in a shared neural production-perception network. NeuroImage, 194(2019), 182-190. IF: 5.426 * contributed equally

Steines, M., Krautheim, J.T., Neziroğlu, G., Kircher, T. & Straube, B. (accepted). Conflicting group memberships modulate neural activation in an emotional production-perception network. Cortex, Special issue: Understanding others