M.Sc. Miriam Steines

Mail: miriam.steines ~at staff.uni-marburg.de

I am a PhD student working primarily in the Gestik3 and GUI projects and further contributing to the EEG-CON project. In August 2013 I completed my B.A. in Language and Communication at the University of Marburg and began a fast-track program in neurolinguistics, supported by a qualifying fellowship by the IRTG 1901 ‘The Brain in Action’.

I have been working at the Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Marburg since June 2011, first as a student research assistant, then a fast-track fellow and lastly a PhD student and associated member of the IRTG 1901. During this time I have been involved in several fMRI, EEG and behavioral studies on the processing of language, gesture and social interactions in healthy subjects as well as various psychiatric populations.

My research on neural correlates of verbally and nonverbally expressed communicative intentions is now carried on in my PhD project. Here, I further focus on social interactions in different intergroup contexts.

Research interests

  • language and gesture
  • nonverbal communication
  • social interactions in intergroup contexts


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