M.Sc. Zirong Qian

Mail: zirong.qian at uni-marburg.de

I am a PhD student currently working on the PROTECT-AD since October 2021. My research focuses on investigating the neural and cognitive mechanisms of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) on Anxiety Disorders applying fMRI methods. My doctoral study is funded by the china scholarship council (CSC). Before I joined TNM Lab, I completed my Master’s degree in Psychological Research Methods at the University of Exeter (UK) under the supervision of Dr. Anke Karl who specializes in psychosocial stress and self-compassion.

I am also an accredited psychotherapist, CBT trainer and have completed over 200 hours of psychological counseling in China.

Research interests

  • Neuropathology of panic disorders
  • Neural and cognitive mechanism of fear learning processing
  • Psychological stress and aberrant salience in schizophrenia
  • The effects and development of CBT in general psychopathology (especially mood disorders).