Providing Tools for Effective Care and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders (AD)

Funding: BMBF

The PROTECT-AD project aims at improving psychotherapeutic treatment of anxiety disorders by comparing intensified psychological intervention (IPI) with treatment as usual (TAU). Specifically we investigate (neuro-)biological mechanisms of learning during fear conditioning and extinction as well as dysfunctional processes in patients suffering from anxiety disorders. In our multi-centre project data from 720 patients and 150 healthy control subjects are acquired in Dresden, Berlin, Greifswald, Münster, Bochum, Würzburg and Marburg. As Marburg is the coordination centre for fMRI (subproject P4), we are responsible for supervising and analysing the neuroimaging data.

A summary of recent clinical results (P1) of PROTECT-AD in German can be found here.


Abb. Examples of our research regarding the neural correlates of psychotherapy (according to Yang et al., 2014).

Who’s working on PROTECT-AD P4?

Principal investigator: Benjamin Straube

PhD students:  Isabelle Caroline Ridderbusch, Adrian Wroblewski, Yunbo Yang

Medical students: Denis CanaStefanie Morlock

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Cooperations regarding fear conditioning and extinction

DFG-funded-research-network: EIFEL-ROF

Summary of Yang et al., 2020 (Results of BMBF PANIC-II)

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